SS3 - Bain-marie service counter, 3...

SS3 - Bain-marie service counter, 3 GN 1/1 containers capacity*

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Sneeze screen and glass over-shelf. Reclining tray slide. 3x GN 1/1 containers capacity 20 cm high max. Bain-marie service counter 3 GN 1/1

- Containers non included. Available on request -

Self-service elements suitable for the distribution of food to the public, all installed on wheels with sliding-rails and glass fronts. The lines, which can be arranged according to requirements, include neutral, refrigerated and warm elements, plate warmers, bain-marie tubs and refrigerated cabinets.

Product Details

Size (WxDxH cm)
120 x 70/99 x H90/125
Electrical power (KW)
Electric voltage (V)
16A - 3P+N+T
Water load
1/2" GAS M
Water discharge
1/2 ” GAS M
Temperature Range - Warm - HOT
HOT + 30°/+90° C

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